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EarthTone releases his first single since 2018's "Gourmet". The song debuted on 7/17/20. Listen here.

The Herbal tea Lounge w/ James Felton Keith

The Herbal Tea Podcast started a spinoff interview series called "The Herbal Tea Lounge". For the debut EarthTone and I.K.P. interview Congress hopeful James Felton Keith. Watch here.

The Queery on SlayTV

EarthTone is hosting a weekly interview series on IG Live with SlayTV. Every Wednesday he will be speaking with a different Q+ artist. Tune in here.

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The Herbal tea podast

EarthTone teamed up with long time collaborator I.K.P. for a podcast catered to Q+ music artists, their allies, hot topics in the LGBTQ comm., and cannabis culture. The Herbal Tea Podcast airs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Watch here or

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